position (english version)

Evolution has made our mind perfect in recognizing patterns and seeing trends, regularities, pictures and stories in our chaotic environment. This process never ends.
Often we are going too far beyond objectiv facts und see shapes in the clouds or in other random processes. For me this is a fascinating aspect of visual arts.
As an observer we see figures and read stories in areas, lines ond points. The seemingly opposite of representation and abstraction in reality seems to be very small for me.  The difference is only gradual – it depends on how strongly our mind is beeing directed in the  search of some content or how open this process is. Abstract is any picture, far away from reality, that we are only able to construct as an inner picture with the help of our eyes and ears.
Therefore my pictures sometimes are showing more of the „figurative“ side, indicating directly people or landscapes, sometimes they are showing more of the „non-figurative“ side, letting different viewers see different content. Art, that tries to minimate the viewers search for pictures, only concentrating on the presumed „pure“ effect of colours and shapes, is not what I´m striving for.
Neither I`m trying to create a copy of reality and put the viewer in leading strings. My favourite technique is printmaking. There are several reasons for this:
Producing a  printing plate and pulling a print needs some intermediate steps between the first conception und final product. This is giving room for clearing, reduction, refinement and is helping to prevent the danger of  mannerism and and seemingly skillful effect. At the same time the process of printmaking opens  room for chance, because the multiple factors, that influence the cutting, scratching, inking, printing can never be totally controlled.

It is not important for me, that all my prints can be recognized on first sight as my work. That might be important, if you have to establish yourself as a brand on art market.
For me it´s more exciting to search for the possibilities, that different techniques and themes are offering to me. In the end it´s crucial, if the picture, when it´s ready, has to say more than I  myself knew before.