This blog is from Germany and I used to write German. But now I noticed that there are a lot of visitors
from the United States and Canada. They have a look, see the text in German and leave.
So I will continue in English, hoping that my visitors from Germany know enough English
to follow my blog. In the end, there are the prints, that are important.

Different types of woodcuts are the main topic of this website:
– prints with oil based inks
– prints with water based inks showing a velvety matt surface
– mostly prints using the japanese technique (Moku Hanga) with a pigment-water-suspension and rice paste on wet paper.
More about Moku Hanga you can find on the technique page.

Beside that you can find etchings, mostly from aluminium plates with acrylic grounds, used to avoid the unhealthy and environmentally harmfull chemicals of the traditional procedure. You still find some text in German.
Don´t mind, just enjoy the gallery .
You also can read about my position.


Holzschnitte bilden den Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeit.  Mein besonderes Interesse gilt der japanischen Drucktechnik (Moku Hanga) mit Farbpigmenten und Reispaste auf feuchtem Papier.Mehr dazu auf der Technikseite.

Daneben gibt es auch Drucke mit ölbasierten Farben, vorrangig größere Formate in Schwarz-Weiß, Radierungen von Aluminiumplatten und Stempeldruck.